Short Bio

I am currently at Google Deepmind on the Vizier team and co-creator of OSS Vizier, working on hyperparameter optimization, Bayesian calibration, and theoretical machine learning. I also dabble a bit in AI alignment, counterfactuals/fairness and the intersection of Faith and AI.

I steward the Global Christians in AI (CHAI) community, where AI practitioners, academics, theologians, and entrepreneurs come together monthly to discuss relevant topics in the intersection of Christianity and AI. We organize talks and socials/workshops at Google and academic conferences; please join the community if you would like to learn more!

I am grateful to have graduated with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where I was fortunate to be advised under Prof. Satish Rao and Prof. Nikhil Srivastava. My interests are in the intersection of optimization, theoretical computer science and machine learning. Previously, I graduated in the Great Class of 2014 from Princeton University.

Pre-prints and Talks/Media