Short Bio

I am currently at Google Deepmind on the Vizier team and co-creator of OSS Vizier, working on hyperparameter optimization, Bayesian calibration, and theoretical machine learning. I also dabble a bit in AI alignment, counterfactuals/fairness and the intersection of Faith and AI.

I steward the Global Christians in AI (CHAI) community, where you can find many personal musings on Christianity and AI. I also organize talks and workshops at Google and academic conferences about related topics; please join the community if you would like to learn more!

I am grateful to have graduated with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where I was fortunate to be advised under Prof. Satish Rao and Prof. Nikhil Srivastava. My interests are in the intersection of optimization, theoretical computer science and machine learning. Previously, I graduated in the Great Class of 2014 from Princeton University.

Pre-prints and Talks